Ask the Counselor

What exactly does an Elementary School Counselor Do?

  • Assists parents, teachers and administrators in helping children
  • Conducts classroom guidance lessons for students
  • Provides individual and small group counseling, as needed
  • Coordinates school-wide guidance/counseling and student recognition programs
  • Consults with outside agencies
  • Coordinates the Olweus Bullying Program

How may a student see the school counselor?

  • Referral from a parent, teacher, or administrator
  • Self-referral
  • Referral from the Response to Instruction team (RTI)

Why might a student see the counselor?

  • For assistance with study skills or organizational issues
  • For assistance with friendship or bullying issues
  • For assistance with new or difficult situations
  • For assistance with behavior issues
  • For assistance with family concerns
  • For assistance with grief or serious illness issues
  • For assistance with any type of school problems
  • For celebrating successes and accomplishments

I am available to assist both parents and students. You can call me at 653-4700 or email me at [email protected]