The Guidance Lending Library

What is the Guidance Lending Library?

It is a variety of resources available from the Counseling Dept. for parents to borrow. Tzouanakis is interested in the well-being of students and their families. Books and materials of this nature can often be expensive and difficult to find. By making a wide variety of materials available, more families can have access to this information.Some materials are suitable for children while others are just for parents.


How can parents check out materials?

Parents can check out materials by contacting the school counselor. Materials are generally checked out for 2 weeks at a time. Materials maybe checked out by calling or emailing the counselor or by sending a note with your child. Titles listed here do not include all resources available. If you have a topic of interest not listed, just contact the school counselor.


Titles by Category

 Books marked with a *** are suitable for children



A Family That Fights

Battles, Hassles, Tantrums and Tears

Help! This Kid’s Driving Me Crazy

Pick Up Your Socks…& Other Skills Growing Kids Needs

Help! The Kids Are At It Again

How to Talk So Kids Will Listen

Siblings Without Rivalry

The Family Contract

Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours

The Parent’s Guide: Solutions to Common Behavior Problems

Helping the Child Who Doesn’t Fit In

Survival Tips for Working Moms

Is This Your Child? (allergies)

The Parenting Challenge: Your Child’s Behavior from 6 to 12

8 weeks to a Well-Behaved Child

Creative Answers to Misbehavior

The Parent/Child Manual on Latchkey Kids

Assertive Discipline for Parents

No More Sibling Rivalry

Moving with Children

I’m Telling On You ***




My Parents Are Divorced Too ***

The Blended Family

Joint Custody with a Jerk

The Boys and Girls Book About Divorce ***

The Boys and Girls Book About Step-Families ***

Kids Can Cope with Divorce ***

Step family Realities

Kids Divorce Workbook ***




Saying Goodbye ***

Talking with Children About Loss

The Accident ***

When Someone Very Special Dies

Gran-Gran’s Best Trick ***

Helping Children Cope with the Loss of a Loved One

What Should I Tell the Kids?

Helping Children Cope with Death

Talking to Angels ***

What About the Kids? Understanding Their Needs in Funeral Planning and Services

35 Ways to Help a Grieving Child

Memories Live Forever ***

Mrs. MacGruder and the Purple Hat ***

After the Funeral ***

What on Earth Do You Do When Someone Dies ***

The Fall of Freddie the Leaf ***

Children Facing Grief




Winning the Homework War

Homework without Tears

Solve Your Child’s School-Related Problems

How to Parents So Children Will Learn

You Can Do It Guide to Better Grades ***

How To Do Your Homework Without Throwing Up ***




Stress in Children

A Stress Management Guide for Young People ***

Relax ***

Kid Power Tactics for Dealing with Stress ***

The Handbook for Helping Kids with Anxiety and Stress




Guiding the Gifted Child

The Gifted Kids Survival Guide ***

Perfectionism ***

Underachievement Syndrome: Causes and Cures

Seven Pathways to Learning




Handling Anger ***

Children with Anger Problems

The Anger Workbook ***

Dealing with Feelings

Andrew’s Angry Words ***

A Volcano in My Tummy ***

Nightmare Help



Friends/Social Skills

Every Kid’s Guide to Making Friends ***

Full Esteem Ahead

Friendship Fables ***

Making and Keeping Friends

Olivia Overcomes Friendship Problems ***

Why Is Everyone Always Picking On Me? ***

Feelings About Friends ***




Putting On the Brakes ***

The ADD Workbook for Parents, Teachers, & Kids

Learning to Slow Down & Pay Attention ***

Attention Deficit Disorders Intervention Manual

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

102 Practical Strategies for “Reducing the Deficit”