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We will be moving to Mrs. Hopper this week for three weeks of Social Studies.  We also start Art this week.  Last week we started our new math classes, so your child may have a different teacher for that subject.  In writing we are working on descriptive writing. The main idea with that is writing using your senses and lots of details to describe an object or event.  In reading, we are starting our regular stations.  You should see a spelling list and a stations list every week.  If you do not see them, be sure to ask your child about it.  
Posted by Michelle Hendershot  On Aug 29, 2016 at 7:55 AM 33 Comments
This week we will start our reindeer project in Science.  We will be doing NWEA and SRI testing to place kids in math groups and should start switching for math next week.  Until then, we are working on basic problem solving, place value, and multiplication.  In Language Arts, we will be working on figurative speech, basic grammar, and descriptive writing.   My class has two more weeks of Science with me and then they will go to Mrs. Hopper for Social Studies.  We will start technology with Mrs. Green this week and kids will get to check out a book.  During the reading block, we are working on learning how the different stations work; like silent reading, word work, response to literature and SRA cards.  It will be a fun and busy week!
Posted by Michelle Hendershot  On Aug 13, 2016 at 7:05 PM 50 Comments
Eek!  Here we are the night before the first day of school!  I am so excited and a little bit nervous.  I know that we will have a wonderful year.  For the first week of school, we will be learning routines, schedules, how our personalities interact and many other beginning of the year things.   We will be jumping right into our subjects as well.  We will learn how stations work in this room and we will be writing starting on the first day.  We will be learning about how to use interactive notebooks in science and then moving on to ecosystems and habitats. This year my students will have three weeks of science with me, then three weeks of social studies with Mrs. Hopper, and then another three weeks of social studies with Mrs. Fajt.  We will do the same rotation every quarter.  We won't start switching for math for another week or two, but students will be moving to other classes for math and will be in one of six classes in the two fifth grade pods.   Get lots of sleep tonight and eat a good breakfast in the morning!  Cannot wait to see you!  Also wear tennis shoes because we have PE starting tomorrow!
Posted by Michelle Hendershot  On Aug 07, 2016 at 7:43 PM 33 Comments