Student Recognition

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Spell Bowl

Spell Bowl

TZ did not participate in the Spell Bowl competition for the 2018-19 school year due to the closure of TZ for the month of September.  We look forward to participating in this event next school year.  

Science Bowl

Science Bowl

Geography Bee

Geography Bee

Math Bowl

Math Bowl

FISH Philosophy

Students Nominated Showing the FISH! Philosophy 
Click Here to See the TZ FISH! Philosophers


Student Council

Student Council Representatives


Perfect Attendance

Perfect Attendance-1st 9 wks
Perfect Attendance-2nd 9 wks
Perfect Attendance-3rd 9 wks
Perfect Attendance-4th 9 wks

Perfect Attendance-All Year

High Honor Roll

High Honor Roll-1st 9 wks
High Honor Roll-2nd 9 wks
High Honor Roll-3rd 9 wks
High Honor Roll-4th 9 wks

Honor Roll

Honor Roll-1st 9 wks
Honor Roll-2nd 9 wks
Honor Roll-3rd 9 wks
Honor Roll-4th 9 wks


Citizenship-1st 9 wks
Citizenship-2nd 9 wks
Citizenship-3rd 9 wks
Citizenship-4th 9 wks


Peace-1st 9 wks
Peace-2nd 9 wks
Peace-3rd 9 wks
Peace-4th 9 wks

Super in Skills

Super in Skills-1st 9 wks
Super in Skills-2nd 9 wks
Super in Skills-3rd 9 wks
Super in Skills-4th 9 wks

Excellence in Effort

Excellence in Effort-1st 9 wks
Excellence in Effort-2nd 9 wks
Excellence in Effort-3rd 9 wks
Excellence in Effort-4th 9 wks

Presidential Awards

5th Grade Presidential Awards